The 2 questions you need to ask yourself if your serious about making money as a copywriter

There are two very basic and fundamental questions that every copywriter needs to answer before he writes a single word of copy.

When answered, your job as a copywriter becomes 10x’s easier.

I first learned about these questions from a book on copywriting that I came across about 6 years ago on amazon. The author wasn’t a well known copywriter, but his grasp of what makes good copy more than made up for it.

And by simply asking myself these two questions that he recommended actually led to my copywriting skills improving dramatically.

So much so that I’m comfortable writing about any subject that lands in front of my desk.

Care to know what these two copy changing questions are?

1. what is it
2. what does it do

Before you can write a single word of copy you have to know what it is exactly that you’re trying to sell.

Seems simple I know but you’d be surprised at how many copywriters choose not to answer that question.

After knowing what it is your selling you have to know what it does that makes it better or different then the products currently on the market.

The answers to those questions will give you the foundation of your ad. Next is just filling in the rest of the ad with your information.


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