Breakthrough Advertising: The Book That Can Turn You Into An Elite Copywriter

I recently received a comment as to what’s my favorite copywriting book and why.

So today, I’ll give you my favorite go-to book whenever I want to refresh my copywriting skills.

The book that has the most wear on it out of all of my copywriting book is most definitely Eugene Schwartz’s breakthrough copywriting.

From the first chapter all the way to the end, this book is filled with gold nuggets of information.

I’ve read many books on the art of copywriting, but I’ve yet to come across a book that covers so many important topics all in one setting.

Eugene covers things like how to increase the desire of your product. He gives you 13 ways to do it. (pgs 80-100)

He covers the two major categories that mass desires fall into and how you can channel your markets desires onto your product for higher sales and increased conversions.

You also learn about beliefs and how they are built and why it’s important for you to know how to word your ads in such a way as to establish belief in your products.

Another thing breakthrough advertising does is it gives you 38 ways to strengthen your headline. For those of you who struggle with creating attention grabbing headlines then this is a must have.

He even shows you how to tackle coming up with the concept or theme for your ad.

If you ever sat down and tried to write an ad for any kind of product or service then you know that coming up with the concept for your ad is not a given.

But Eugene gives you two things to do to come up with an advertising concept.

I could go on, but you’d be better of having this book in your copywriting collection.

When I purchased my copy of this book I paid $90 for it and I think that was a steal. I think you can still get it from boardroom reports.

Amazon has it, but I the prices fluctuate so if you don’t have the cash now then you could put it on your wish list.

This book isn’t my only book that I refer back to, but it’s gotten the most use from me.

In another post I’ll tell you about another book I often refer to when I look for copywriting tips.


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