Why I Can’t Teach You How To Become Rich

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Thanks for dropping back in.

For doing so I’ve got a little gift for you from my upcoming newsletter. Read it and enjoy:


What you won’t learn from me.

–You won’t learn how to become a copywriting master
–You won’t learn how to become a marketing magician
–You won’t learn how to make $5000 a day

Anybody can claim to teach you that and in the process rip your money straight from your pockets.

Ever notice how many people claim to be able to show you how to make piles of money and shortly after selling you their latest thing-a-ma-bob they’re soon back pitching you on another product.

Pay attention to that.

Meanwhile back at your place, there are now more bills fighting against each other for less money.

Here’s what I know.

–Most people fail to achieve the 5000 a month paychecks from their business opportunities

–Most people fail to become marketing gurus

–Most people fail to become copywriting masters

I have no interest in being the person who shows you how to fail.

My mission is pretty simple and clear.

And so is yours. Should you choose to accept it.

You’re smart. I already know that because you’re here reading this message and not off throwing down a cold one.

Ahhh..nothing like an ice cold gatorade. I don’t drink alcohol. Never saw the need to do so.


Pay close attention to what I’m about to say to your here, because this next part will rattle your cage.

My goal is to teach you “how to think while you do”

That’s noble.

That’s what people like Oprah, Bono and Warren Buffet do.

These giants teach you how to think before you do and in doing so they become a walking reward for people.

Take a deep breath and learn this.

You’ll double the amount of money you currently make when you become a walking reward to a community of like minded people.

That happens as a effect, not a cause.

The cause of you earning more money then you did in the past lies in your thinking patterns.

Everything starts with, and ends with your thoughts.

The formula looks like this.

Think + Do = Have

Insider Tip:

This next nugget is worth its weight in gold.

It’s a way for you to one-up the so called gurus.

The big money is no longer in the products you push on people but instead it’s in empowering people.

Read that previous sentence again.

Notice that the last 2 words are EMPOWERING PEOPLE.

So it’s not “let me show you how to become rich” – it’s let me show you how to “Be” and “See” further.

Money flows to you as an effect from having learned how to “BE” a reward to and for the masses.

When you stop seeing people as being your meal ticket and start showing people how to give more of themselves – then the universe responds accordingly by giving you more supply.

I see myself as freedom.

So I teach freedom.

The universe recognizes this and responds back by giving me more freedom.

My oh my, guess how much easier life becomes when you work with the flow of money instead of against it.

Here’s more.

When you plant a seed of grass you can only get grass as an effect. You can’t get a rose.

The universe has told you that everything produces after it’s own kind.

If you look for ways to take money from your customers then the universe responds back by taking that money away from you.

What you took, will be taken from you.

But if you look to empower people then guess what? The universe responds back by empowering you.

Like causes producing like effects.

It works both ways.

All you have to do is learn to work with laws of the universe in the correct way like I’m teaching you here and you’ll be bumping into success on a regular basis in everything you do.

See how that’s a much bigger vision?

To be successful in everything you do, not just at being a copywriter.

But you knew that by now didn’t you?

These are universal laws…not my laws.

I only chose to work with these laws and not against them.

But some of you out there might be saying “But Keir I want to learn how to write sizzling salesletters”

By all means – you do just that. Continue to chase product after product for the magic pill that makes you a salesletter writing expert. And then watch how your wad of cash slowly starts to dis-appear over time.

How come?

It’s because by chasing product after product trying to see which one will help you make the biggest pile of dough, you are simply focusing on yourself first.

The bible even tells you that in order to receive lasting fruits you must first give.

Instead lead with “how can I help this person achieve their goals with my copywriting.”

Do that and watch what happens.

Think less you – and more them.

Do you see what I’m doing here?

I’m teaching you self discipline for your mind.

You can use that as a way to give more of yourself to the world.

When you discipline your mind – then anything you do in life will bring you much more stability, happiness and financial prosperity.

Learn to think before you do so that you can have.

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A Sneak Peek…

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Here’s a small peek at some of the types of things that I will be including in my upcoming newsletter. It’s still being tweaked a bit, a few technical issues still have to be worked out. So until then I’ll be posting some of the content here on this blog.


This is a tool that I use all of the time to create professional looking headers that grab peoples attention.

I can have a brand new website header of any size, shape or color ready to go in under 3 minutes.

It might sound to good to be true but it’s all 100% correct.
(Scoot on up to the top of this blog. I used the software to create that header.)

The software comes loaded with 100’s of templates and all you have to do is just pick out one that’s related to your industry, slap a few words in there and presto – you’ve got a new header.

You can make them in any size you want. All you have to do is set the requirements before you get started on building your header and it’s done.

But, there is something else you should know. If you’re the creative type and you already have pictures on your hard drive then you can really go all out and create a custom header using your own pics or images.

There’s so many things you can do with this software that it’s hard to believe that you get it for FREE.

Yup, you read that right. it’s free.

It’s from Paul Smithson.

You can download your copy of the software from here:


Oh, and before I forget, I’m not affiliated with this product, it’s just a dam good header creation software and he’s giving it away free.

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The Rules Of The Game

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I’m seriously thinking about re-doing this blog. I’m a copywriter by trade – yippee for me.

But the rules of the game go far beyond copywriting.

You’re never told this though.

Tsk, Tsk.

Writing headlines. Check

Writing leads. Check.

Writing the sales argument. Check.

Writing the close. Check.

But I feel like I’m doing you a real dis-service by not going into the other topics that matter in your copywriting.

Primarily…your mindset.

This is critical to copywriting.

Everything starts with and ends with your mindset.

You can’t….oh excuse me…I’m being negative. That’s not good for your mindset.

And yet it’s the way most people start off their thinking patterns.

Can’t do this –

Can’t do that –

Can’t write a good salesletter.

Can’t get over writers block.

Remember this.

What you focus on, you get to keep.

Write that down.

Repeat it to yourself.

When your mind is focused on failure then failure is what you get.

There is no way you can write good copy if you’re focused on negative ideas.

Your mind is the key to your success.

Train it to work for you and you will never have to worry about losing your income.

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My #1 Resource For Creating Breakthrough Ideas Is Finally Revealed..

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Well, since I’m bored with watching the Bulls Celtics game, I thought I’d squeeze in another post for you.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would reveal my number 1 creativity resource to you.

And, not to dis-appoint you, here it is.

It’s a book.

But this isn’t any old book filled with words on a bunch of pages.

This book contains over 60 different exercises you can use to train yourself to become a lateral thinker.

Need I mention that one of the things that sets a master copywriter apart from the rest of the crowd is his ability to create big ideas.

And now with this book in your hands you’ll be able to create your own big ideas for either your products or your clients.

I’m rambling on here..

Here’s the title of the book.

How to have creative ideas: 62 Exercises to Develop The Mind by Edward de Bono

Don’t be mis-lead by the simplicity of the exercises.

What this book does is it teaches you how to make connections to things that are totally different from each other.

I like to say that you’re using your third eye to see what everybody else wants to see but can’t.

The way I found to best use this book is to just practice one exercise each day. That one exercise is the only one you practice for that day. Then the next day you move on to the next one, but you begin with a re-fresher of the previous days exercise to get you warmed up and to link the two exercises together.

I’ve got more books on creativity, but you’ll just have to wait for those titles.

So scoot on over to amazon, or where ever you purchase your books from and buy a copy.

And don’t opt for the used version. Spend the extra bucks and get it new.

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Has Plain Copywriting Tactics Just Gotten Too Old?

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I’m always looking for new things to bring you on this blog. And as much as I love copywriting, I often find that there are some other things that can be useful to you besides just copywriting tactics.

Marketing, building your own personal brand are just 2 of the topics that I have found to be very helpful as a copywriter.

For what good is it being a copywriter who can’t market his or her own services?

So that means I’ll be adding other posts about useful ideas that any creative copywriter can use.

You are creative aren’t you?

What’s that, you say that you’re not as creative as you would like to be?

Too bad….

Just kidding.

In my next post I’ll give you the name of my creativity boosting secret weapon.

It will help you build your lateral thinking capabilities.

You’ll be able to make the connection between 2, 3, 5 or as many different objects as you can come up with in such a way that you can create more big ideas more often.

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Now It’s Your Turn

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Ok, I’m a copy-cub and I’m looking to break into the copywriting business (actually I’m not – but for this example lets play pretend. You do know how to play that game don’t you?)

I’ve taken a few courses on how to write a good salesletter and I’ve been schooled in the basic principles of writing direct response copy….now what?

What would you recommend I do next?

I have no experience in writing salesletters for companies in the real world.

But I’m eager to make a six figure income.

I’ve been told that this is possible.

What would you tell me to do first to help me move closer to becoming a 6 figure earner?

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You Gotta Check This Out

I was browsing adfreak when I came across this video for the Boston Bruins.

It’s funny.

Good entertainment can bring you tons of traffic. This video has already received over 62,000 views. And it’s just been online for a week.

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