How A Sweet Grammar School Teacher Almost Ruined My Copywriting Career

When I was a kid coming up in grammar school I remember one of my teachers telling me about the use of big fancy words.

She said that if I grabbed a dictionary and everyday chose one word out of that dictionary to learn and use – that I would expand my vocabulary and become smarter as well.

Seemed like a logical reason to learn a new word.

So I grabbed a dictionary along with a pen and paper and began to do just that.

Everyday, a new word and it’s definition.

Fast forward to later in my life when decided to become a copywriter.

Now all of the fancy words that I learned became a handicap.

See the way you write good copy is you write it in simple and easy to understand language.

When I first started writing copy I found that most if my editing was simply shortening some of the words I was using. Those words were part of my natural language – but not my markets language.

Now for your tip.

When you write your copy, always lean toward using shorter words to get your point across.

Big words might make look smarter, but they communicate less when you’re point is to sell something.


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