How to create an opening for your email, or salesletter that grabs your readers attention and makes then crave what you have to offer

Ok, here’s my first huge nugget for you.

It’s a really big secret that I’ve found to work over and over again like clockwork when it comes to grabbing your markets eyeballs and having them read whatever you want them to.

And I’m finally going to let the cat out of the bag. (as much as it hurts doing that, here ya go)

What is it exactly?


Or more importantly the foundation behind some successful salesletters openings that make them work.

For example.

Using an opening that talks about a secret that you have that you’re going to reveal to your readers grabs attention.

Did ya notice anything familiar here about that statement?

You should.

I actually used this structure to open up this post to you.

Sneaky aren’t I.

Well, here’s how you use this structure to stuff your pockets full of money.

You simply find out what your market wants and you tell them that you have a secret that you will reveal to them that will solve their problem and that you’re going to give it to them in your letter, email or whatever.

Then you procede to do so just like I did here.

You simply give it to them.

Want more?

Of course you do.

However, you’ll have to tune into my next post.


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