Use this proven tip to create stronger and more engaging hooks for your salescopy

This copywriting tip has proven itself over and over again in the copywriting world and quite honestly….it will always work towards capturing your readers attention.

You’ve probably seen it in action before but never really took the time to really decode it.

That’s fine.

Because I’ve done the hard part for you already. Now it’s just a matter reading what I’m about to give and put it to use.

Here’s what you need to do.

When you start off your salescopy, you can start off by talking about a problem that your market is having and desperately seeking a solution for. You paint a mental picture using a vivid description of what their life looks like with this existing problem.

You don’t have to talk about their problem for to long, just long enough for them to get the idea that you understand their problem.

After doing that…

Next go into their imagination. You’ll paint a picture of an imaginative world that has everything in it that they would want to see. Really describe the details of this world and make sure that you put the focus on them having a much better time.

Your reader needs to see the world as being realistic for him.

And the way you do that is with details, details, details.


The 2 questions you need to ask yourself if your serious about making money as a copywriter

There are two very basic and fundamental questions that every copywriter needs to answer before he writes a single word of copy.

When answered, your job as a copywriter becomes 10x’s easier.

I first learned about these questions from a book on copywriting that I came across about 6 years ago on amazon. The author wasn’t a well known copywriter, but his grasp of what makes good copy more than made up for it.

And by simply asking myself these two questions that he recommended actually led to my copywriting skills improving dramatically.

So much so that I’m comfortable writing about any subject that lands in front of my desk.

Care to know what these two copy changing questions are?

1. what is it
2. what does it do

Before you can write a single word of copy you have to know what it is exactly that you’re trying to sell.

Seems simple I know but you’d be surprised at how many copywriters choose not to answer that question.

After knowing what it is your selling you have to know what it does that makes it better or different then the products currently on the market.

The answers to those questions will give you the foundation of your ad. Next is just filling in the rest of the ad with your information.

This Technique Is Hands Down One Of The Easiet Ways To Build Your Own Money List

Hey wouldn’t it be nice if you had an easy way for you to build your own cash cow of a list using a few simple copywriting techniques….

I know for sure that I would have loved to have something like that years ago. it would have saved me a nice bundle of cash and a lot of headaches.


The secret to getting your list up and growing like crazy is really simple when you think about it.

It comes down to one key word…


In order to build a solid list of people who want to hear from you….you have to give them something that they would easily want to pay for normally, but now they don’t.

The faster you can get your audience to be able to see that what you’re offering has had a previously attached price to it and now you’re removing that price..then the faster they will jump onto your list.

By the way…

You can’t simply just offer something for free and expect people to go all ga ga for it and sign up onto your list.

That’s not going to happen.

There has to be some sense of scarcity to what you’re offering to help it overcome their own desire to do nothing at all.

If what you’re offering was previously only available to a limited amount of people who could actually afford it and now you’re giving it away for free..or at least access to it then….


Your list will start to grow like mad.

And so to will your profits…

You’ll pick up more techniques on how to boost your profits in areas that were previously lagging in future posts.

How to create an opening for your email, or salesletter that grabs your readers attention and makes then crave what you have to offer

Ok, here’s my first huge nugget for you.

It’s a really big secret that I’ve found to work over and over again like clockwork when it comes to grabbing your markets eyeballs and having them read whatever you want them to.

And I’m finally going to let the cat out of the bag. (as much as it hurts doing that, here ya go)

What is it exactly?


Or more importantly the foundation behind some successful salesletters openings that make them work.

For example.

Using an opening that talks about a secret that you have that you’re going to reveal to your readers grabs attention.

Did ya notice anything familiar here about that statement?

You should.

I actually used this structure to open up this post to you.

Sneaky aren’t I.

Well, here’s how you use this structure to stuff your pockets full of money.

You simply find out what your market wants and you tell them that you have a secret that you will reveal to them that will solve their problem and that you’re going to give it to them in your letter, email or whatever.

Then you procede to do so just like I did here.

You simply give it to them.

Want more?

Of course you do.

However, you’ll have to tune into my next post.

“The Great One Returns…”

Ahhhhhhhhh….it’s been a while since I posted any kind of juicey copywriting content on my blog.

Well, quite frankly…. it’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog. hahahaha.

As it turns out, I hadn’t forgot about cha.

Nope, you could think of it as the re-birth of

I was locked away in my little small part of the world honing and sharpening my skills.

And now…they still need sharpening…lol

No, all kidding aside…I’ve stuffed quite a few new nuggets in this old brain of mines and I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve learned.

All for freeeeeeeeeee…

Yep, there’s no gimmicks. Nothing for you to buy, just your time.

Your time in exchange for my skills..

That’s a rather fair trade don’t you think?

I do..

And in fact..some people have told me, Keir, you’re an idiot. If you’re going to give away the info you’ve gathered for free without putting a hefty price tag on it then you’re throwing away you’re chance to make at least 6 figures down the drain.

Do you know what my reply was to that?

Then so be it.

You’ll learn more about my new tude in some if my future posts and how you can take my lessons and stuff your pockets with cash because if it.

Or coins if you prefer. Hahahaha.

Catcha later.

How To Get Your Readers To Read Your Ads And Salesletters

Here’s my quick copywriting tip of the day for you.

Make you copy stronger by doing the following.

Vary sentence length. Doing this helps you obtain a better flow of words and improves your pacing.

Copywriting Jobs, Are You Being Taken For A Ride?

Why is it that I continue to see ads for products saying that they can help you land your first copywriting job?

And the truth if the matter is that landing your first copywriting client isn’t easy.

If you’re a copy cub just starting out, the deck is stacked against you.

Clients want to be worry free.

They want to know that you can handle problems and issues that can pop up.

Peace of mind is a big seller here for your potential client along with a desired result.

I’m seeing a rise of ads preying on the copy cub.

Promising easy ways to land clients.

That’s really funny.

Because I’ve been doing this now for 5 years, and it never becomes easy.

Yes, you can land clients when you first start off, but that will depend on your determination.