Use this proven tip to create stronger and more engaging hooks for your salescopy

This copywriting tip has proven itself over and over again in the copywriting world and quite honestly….it will always work towards capturing your readers attention.

You’ve probably seen it in action before but never really took the time to really decode it.

That’s fine.

Because I’ve done the hard part for you already. Now it’s just a matter reading what I’m about to give and put it to use.

Here’s what you need to do.

When you start off your salescopy, you can start off by talking about a problem that your market is having and desperately seeking a solution for. You paint a mental picture using a vivid description of what their life looks like with this existing problem.

You don’t have to talk about their problem for to long, just long enough for them to get the idea that you understand their problem.

After doing that…

Next go into their imagination. You’ll paint a picture of an imaginative world that has everything in it that they would want to see. Really describe the details of this world and make sure that you put the focus on them having a much better time.

Your reader needs to see the world as being realistic for him.

And the way you do that is with details, details, details.


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