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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m tossing around the idea of creating a new copywriting website.

Nothing is confirmed yet, I’ve only been working on a content management system. This system can be used for any kind of website.

However, I do love the art of writing direct response copy. But after I don’t know how many searches for good quality information about writing direct response copy, I just gave up. I was looking to see what copywriters today can contribute to the old time principles. It was weird, everything I came up with was just garbage. It seems that the principles I learned from the old masters still work, and even out perform a lot of what you can find from today’s modern offer.

I guess the old saying is true. Tips and tactics will come and go, but principles will never change.

That being said…

I’m now thinking about writing an article that deals with the persuasion side of copywriting. One of my original copywriting teachers told me that if I wanted to become a master copywriter that I needed to focus on 2 areas.

1. Indirection
2. Persuasion

So, if I was to complete the website I think that it should include a few articles about persuasion.

But what exactly would I include?

Persuasive selling, storytelling, empathy, concurrence, giving to receive…

What I’ll do is put these choices in another survey.

Better yet…

I’ll include a box on the survey marked “Other” so that you can include an idea you might specifically have.

Persuasion is a very large and wide topic, I couldn’t possibly put every particular topic involved in persuasion on a survey, so that’s why you can simply let me know.

Look for the survey in my next post.

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