How To Get Your Readers To Read Your Ads And Salesletters

Here’s my quick copywriting tip of the day for you.

Make you copy stronger by doing the following.

Vary sentence length. Doing this helps you obtain a better flow of words and improves your pacing.


Either Write To Somebody Or Don’t Write To Nobody At All

One of the mistakes I see copywriters make is that when they write their ads they tend to write them to everybody.

The more people you can reach the better the chances of you getting the sale is sometimes the logic used.

Learn this.

Just because you can write an ad to reach everybody doesn’t mean that you should.

I learned a long time ago that it’s much better to write your ad to somebody.

Write your ad to a specific person. Use words that the person would be familiar with.

Write your ad as if you were having a conversation with that person and what you discussed will be simply put into writing.

I hate ads that sound like corporate speak.

So don’t make yours sound like it was writen by some one who only wears suits and ties for a living.

Weak Copy = Weak Results

I thought about whether I should post a link to this next copywriting tip or should I just post it directly here on this blog.

Seeing that I’m more of a visual person, I’ve decided to just post a link instead.

That way you can see for yourself the sample chart that was included.

By posting it directly to this blog you would’ve missed the cool little boxes that you can check off once your finished. lol.

How to write stronger copy – every time

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Can you really become a master copywriter?

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Here’s a really cool idea for helping you become a master copywriter.

Create a circle of friends to review each others work.

However this group won’t be just any group of people.

Your group will consist of other writers.

Preferably other copywriters.

Next you will let the other writers in the group review your work and offer creative suggestions.

The reason you want to do this is because as a copywriter you will always need to polish your skills. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been producing copy, you can always get better.

And this is one such way for you to do so.

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