Copywriters who can’t build this usually get eaten up by the copywriters who can


This one little word will serve you well. That is, once you know how to use it to sell your products or services.

The big question though is how do you build desire in the mind of your prospect?

By using benefits you say.

You’re right – that is one way to do it.

But I like to use something a little different.

I like to focus on being able to describe my product or services benefits in such a way that my prospects place themselves into my mini movie.

I place more focus on the description as opposed to the benefit itself.





Understand this.

Benefits by themselves are useless. You have to be able to describe your product or services benefits in a way that fits in with the train of thought for your market. Your description fits into the thoughts that they are already entertaining.

I’ve searched for copywriting books that would show you how to build desire for your product or service.

And there is only one book that I know of that handles this subject in a very useful manner.

To my surprise when I first bought this book, I knew that it was about copywriting. I knew that I could learn a few secrets from a master copywriter.

But I never thought that in my personal library of books (currently I have over 450 books on my shelfs) that no other book would ever cover the the topic in such a way as this one book did.

It’s a shame really because if you don’t know how to ramp up the desire for your product then you might as well forget about making any big money.

Ok, so what’s the name of this book?

You’ll have to tune in to my next post to find out.


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