The Rules Of The Game

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I’m seriously thinking about re-doing this blog. I’m a copywriter by trade – yippee for me.

But the rules of the game go far beyond copywriting.

You’re never told this though.

Tsk, Tsk.

Writing headlines. Check

Writing leads. Check.

Writing the sales argument. Check.

Writing the close. Check.

But I feel like I’m doing you a real dis-service by not going into the other topics that matter in your copywriting.

Primarily…your mindset.

This is critical to copywriting.

Everything starts with and ends with your mindset.

You can’t….oh excuse me…I’m being negative. That’s not good for your mindset.

And yet it’s the way most people start off their thinking patterns.

Can’t do this –

Can’t do that –

Can’t write a good salesletter.

Can’t get over writers block.

Remember this.

What you focus on, you get to keep.

Write that down.

Repeat it to yourself.

When your mind is focused on failure then failure is what you get.

There is no way you can write good copy if you’re focused on negative ideas.

Your mind is the key to your success.

Train it to work for you and you will never have to worry about losing your income.

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