My #1 Resource For Creating Breakthrough Ideas Is Finally Revealed..

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Well, since I’m bored with watching the Bulls Celtics game, I thought I’d squeeze in another post for you.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would reveal my number 1 creativity resource to you.

And, not to dis-appoint you, here it is.

It’s a book.

But this isn’t any old book filled with words on a bunch of pages.

This book contains over 60 different exercises you can use to train yourself to become a lateral thinker.

Need I mention that one of the things that sets a master copywriter apart from the rest of the crowd is his ability to create big ideas.

And now with this book in your hands you’ll be able to create your own big ideas for either your products or your clients.

I’m rambling on here..

Here’s the title of the book.

How to have creative ideas: 62 Exercises to Develop The Mind by Edward de Bono

Don’t be mis-lead by the simplicity of the exercises.

What this book does is it teaches you how to make connections to things that are totally different from each other.

I like to say that you’re using your third eye to see what everybody else wants to see but can’t.

The way I found to best use this book is to just practice one exercise each day. That one exercise is the only one you practice for that day. Then the next day you move on to the next one, but you begin with a re-fresher of the previous days exercise to get you warmed up and to link the two exercises together.

I’ve got more books on creativity, but you’ll just have to wait for those titles.

So scoot on over to amazon, or where ever you purchase your books from and buy a copy.

And don’t opt for the used version. Spend the extra bucks and get it new.

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