Has Plain Copywriting Tactics Just Gotten Too Old?

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I’m always looking for new things to bring you on this blog. And as much as I love copywriting, I often find that there are some other things that can be useful to you besides just copywriting tactics.

Marketing, building your own personal brand are just 2 of the topics that I have found to be very helpful as a copywriter.

For what good is it being a copywriter who can’t market his or her own services?

So that means I’ll be adding other posts about useful ideas that any creative copywriter can use.

You are creative aren’t you?

What’s that, you say that you’re not as creative as you would like to be?

Too bad….

Just kidding.

In my next post I’ll give you the name of my creativity boosting secret weapon.

It will help you build your lateral thinking capabilities.

You’ll be able to make the connection between 2, 3, 5 or as many different objects as you can come up with in such a way that you can create more big ideas more often.

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