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Here’s a quick update about my new website.

I finally got all of the issues regarding the installation of the application out of the way. I’ve got to stop and give a shout out to the hostgator helpline for assisting me with the last problem.

Now I’m working on finishing the first page of the site. I hope to have the content for it finished today.

Later this week I’ll be installing a few modules that I think will be of use for readers.

One of the modules will be an article content module. Having this module will do two things.

First I’ll be able to place my personal articles about becoming a better copywriter there. 98% of what I’ll be posting to the website will be information you can’t find on this blog.

And secondly, the module will also allow you to place your articles their as well. This will give you and your writing skills greater exposure to a highly targeted audience.

Another useful module I’ll be looking to install is called the reseller module.

This is the module that could lead to big bucks for you. This would allow you to get a resellers license and offer membership access to the site. Every month you would be receiving a paycheck for the work you did months ago.

The site will be set up so that it becomes “Sticky.”

And by that I mean that readers will be given plenty of reasons to explore the site right now and to even come back at a later time as well.

For example.

When writing your direct response copy which one is more persuasive – examples or statistics?

Drum roll please….

Statistics are nice, but the winner is examples.

But more importantly, do you know why examples will beat out statistics every time?

Those are the kinds of questions and answers that will be found on the new site.

Here’s another one for you.

As you know, writing a direct response salesletter that has all of the persuasion techniques, sales arguments, proofs, promises and claims that you can stuff into a letter will be of little use if they don’t get the customer to act.

I’ll be sharing with you a simple two step process that will get your customers to act fast in responding to your offer. You’ll won’t believe how well this works and how easy it is to set up for any offer you have.

I’m getting ahead of myself here, this was just supposed to be a quick update.

I’ll keep you updated when I have more news about the site.

So for now, I hope that you continue to enjoy the information that I’m posting for you here.

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