I’ve done it, I’m no longer a software virgin

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I’m almost there.

I’ve installed the application to the new site.

Now it’s just a matter of setting up the back office and going through the instruction manuals.

It was my first time putting in a software app, so I had to stay on the line with tech support quite a bit.

But that was ok, I made it through.

There’s still one minor issue that I’m hoping to get solved by the end of today, so keep your fingers crossed.

Here are two things I’m looking to bring to you with this new site.

JV opportunities
Residual income

Your business can double or even triple in its size with just one joint venture. You’ll be able to accept or decline jv offers with other people who are already pre-screened. You won’t receive offers from all over the web, that would be foolish, not to mention time consuming. Every offer you receive will be from someone who has shown that they have some of the same interests as you as well as a desire to make money online with their own business. When there is a new joint venture opportunity you’ll be immediately notified with all the details.

I’m also incorporating a residual income plan into the site. I don’t want you to ever have to worry about cash flow problems.

Plus I’ll be covering some of the topics that are important to you becoming a master copywriter but are rarely discussed in any one place.

For example. You always hear copywriters talk about how you need to make an emotional connection with your potential customers. And that’s true. But no one ever shows you exactly how to do that. Nor do they tell you which emotions are the most useful in direct response copywriting. Yeah they’ll tell you the about the usual suspects. Fear, greed and anger. But there are many more useful emotions you can tap into that will work twice as well as those other over used emotions.

Keep in mind that all of the things I’ve mentoned so far are “in addition to.”

You’ll always get copywriting tips, tools and tactics.

However, you’ll get some of the other intangibles as well that you can keep in your copywriting tool chest.

You’ll also learn about things like:

Gestalt Psychology and how to use it to grab your readers attention.

Syllogistic thinking tactics for building intense undeniable belief in what you have to say.

The language of logic and the 3 places where it’s been used for centuries to build conviction in peoples beliefs regardless of the content of the statements to which they are attached.

And much more…

The goal is simple with this site.

To make you the complete copywriter. And I’ll do my best to see that it happens for you.

Well that’s pretty much it for this update. I’ve got to get back to tech support.

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