My new project just might turn you into a six figure earner…

Former basketball player Michael Jordan
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So what’s new at

Well, I’m currently working on building a new website for copywriters.

I registered the new name this past friday, and now I’m working on all the behind the scenes stuff.

Just to give you an idea about what the site will be about, I’ll say that it will talk about copywriting.


But it will also talk about some of the other things that I think are important for you to becoming a top notch copywriter.

See, I’m a huge fan of basketball. I grew up playing in school, on the playgrounds and for a few of the local leagues where I live at.

While playing, I became a fan of Michael Jordan. But not for the reasons that most of my friends did.

Sure, I knew he could dunk a basketball, but growing up on the local playgrounds I would see other guys who could do those same dunks, they just never made it to the professional level.

What impressed me most about Michael Jordan was his mental approach to the game of basketball.

He always stressed that you should learn the mental game of basketball first and the physical game will follow.

That’s true…and I followed that advice.

However, I didn’t just apply it to basketball. I applied it to everything.

Even copywriting.

This is what I believe is missing from most websites that I see that are about copywriting.

-They show you how to write a headline.

-They show you how to write a lead.

-They show you how to close your letter.

All kinds of things related to copywriting.

Everything but the mental side.

There is a mental side of copywriting that no one seems to talk about.

Heck, most of the copywriters out their probably don’t even know about the mental side of copywriting.

Now when I say mental, I’m not talking about your customers mental state.

I’m talking about your mental state and how to achieve the optimal results with your copywriting before the pen even hits the pad.

In basketball we would call this getting “psyched up” before we would hit the courts.

This would involve putting yourself in a mental state that was geared toward helping you to become centered on the game at hand.

Before you even dribbled a ball you knew about possible scenarios that could occur in the game and how you would handle them.

You developed visions of the perfect game and you set out to achieve that.

You can take this same approach to copywriting as well.

Building your confidence in yourself so that you know beforehand that you have what it takes to do the job that’s required of you.

And if you decide not to do a job, then it was because it didn’t fit in with what you were trying to achieve.

Confidence in yourself leads to you writing good copy.

Everything you do in life will be affected by your level of confidence that you have in yourself.

If you are always questioning whether you will make it as a copywriter then chances are that you will never make it to the level you want to be.

Your mind has to be set to the idea of you becoming a master copywriter first, and the physical manifestation of that goal comes second.

Think of what would happen if you were just a copywriting cub and one day you were given a opportunity to write a promotion for a multi-million dollar company. Even though you had never written any ads for any big companies in the past.

Would your confidence be such as to say “ok, let’s get started,” or would your mind start thinking about how you don’t want to blow this opportunity.

Would you start questioning your ability to deliver a good ad?

Would you have the confidence in yourself and in your abilities to know without a doubt that you can and will succeed?

That’s what my new site will be about.

It will show you how to write good direct response copy of course.

You’ll get the real inside secrets to writing copy that gets results.

You’ll get the kind of tactics that are usually handed down from a master copywriter to his students.

You’ll learn how to look at any direct response ad and immediately pick out its weak points and what steps you need to take to go about correcting them.

But, what I really think you’ll like most about my new site is that it will show you how to become a complete copywriter.

You’ll not only have the ability to write good copy, but you will have the mental techniques required to take on any challenges in your life.

In fact that’s a lesson right there.

To be a complete copywriter and to be able to take on and handle the many challenges you’ll face, you need to have these 3 things:

1. Mental
2. Physical
3. Health

I’m not going to get into the health part because that would need to be a different website altogether.

But these 3 items all work together to form the complete copywriter.

And you’ll get the tools for building a much more stable structure for your copywriting career.

I’ll put any new updates here on this blog and in my twitter updates.

So make sure you stay tuned.

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