The six crucial steps to creating a successful buzz maketing campaign for your products or services that you can begin using within a matter of hours

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You’ve probably heard of the phrase buzz marketing.

And yet you’ve probably never put together a successful buzz marketing program.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t because most marketers haven’t either.

And usually the most common reason for not putting together a successful buzz marketing campaign is simply that they don’t know the six crucial steps that make up a buzz marketing campaign.

They’ve seen successful campaigns before.

But if you asked them what made the campaign successful, they couldn’t tell you.

Well that’s about change.

I’m going to give you the missing steps for creating a buzz marketing campaign.

So pay close attention, and write these steps down for your notes.

1. The Taboo.

This would include sex, lies, bathroom humor

2. The unusual

“Bald headed man finds the cure to male baldness.” These kinds of headlines are considered unusual.

3. The Outrageous

“Elvis visits his wife in the recording studio.”

4. The Hilarious

The saturday night live skits about Sara Palin was a perfect example of something being hilarious and creating a buzz at the same time.

5. The Remarkable

One mountain climber got stuck on a rock and had a choice to make. Cut off his hand in order to stay alive or leave it connected and die. He chose to cut off his hand. This story made it’s way around the world.

6. Secrets

“The secret conversation between George Bush and Dick Chaney that lead to the firing of the secretary of state.” This isn’t true of course, but it’s just an example of the power of the word secrets.

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