This tool makes blogging online so much easier…

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Image by Bull3t via Flickr

On this blog you may have noticed the pictures that I have included in most of the posts.

I also will include a few articles that I think are good reads in the form of link a usually located at the bottom of the post.

Well, unlike some bloggers who spends hours searching around online for pictures to go with their posts, I actually don’t spend time doing that.

I actually take the lazy way out.

I use a tool that does all of that stuff for me.

It’s actually located in my wordpress account and it only becomes active when I’m getting ready to make a post.

When it notices this, it goes out over the web and checks for relevant pictures to go with what I’m posting about. Then it also recommends articles that may be related to my post as well.

From there it’s just a matter of me choosing the picture I want in the post, then checking for any related articles.

And I almost forgot.

It evens develops a listing of tag words as well that I can include in the post.

Plus it places a reblog link on every post.

What this does is it allows anyone reading your post to reblog it with a simple click of the button.

It’s a real big help for changing the look and feel of this blog.

Ok, enough about all of the things I’m able to do with this blog posting tool, I get the feeling by now you want to know the name of it.

It’s called

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