What just a few minutes a day can do for your bullet writing skills..

Writing samples: Parker 75
Image by churl via Flickr

How can you get better at writing captivating bullets?

By writing them each and every day.

I know…that doesn’t sound like the “magic pill” solution you might have been hoping for.

But it works.

In fact here’s another bullet writing tip for you to use.

What I like to do every day is I’ll pick a website that has a few bullets located somewhere on the page.

Then I’ll go in and redo all of the bullets.

Rewriting them using the same bullet writing formula that I learned when I first started in copywriting.

Everybody has their unique way of writing bullets, but if you’re interested in knowing the 4 step formula I use for writing bullets, then let me know. I might just put the formula in a post here on the blog.

Anyway, back to bullet writing.

After I’ve rewritten the bullets from the website, I’ll then give them to someone else to read.

Then I ask them how did they feel after they read the bullets.

If they told me that they felt that the bullet was good.

Then I know the bullet was actually no good.

That’s just some BS that they’re giving me because they think that they might hurt my feelings if they told me the truth.

I’m a big boy, I’ll get over it.

If they tell me that they want to know more about this product.

Then I know that I’m on to something.

By reading the bullet and telling me that they want to know more about this product I then know that they’ve forgotten about the bullet itself and become emotionally involved with the promised benefits.

Give it a try.

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