Without a doubt, this is my most favorite kind of headline to write.

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Today I want to show you an example of a very good indirect headline.

It’s from an ad selling a virtual workshop online.

And you’ll see just how using an indirect headline, when targeted properly – how it can be a very successful way to create your headlines.

Before I give you the headline let me share with you the reason why I like indirect headlines.

The reason I like indirect headlines so much is because these headlines don’t hit you over the head with a pitch for the product right away.

You’re eased into realizing that the product or service that is being offered is indeed the right choice for helping you solve your problems or obtaining your desires.

Your emotions are aroused and then a bit of logic can be used to justify your new feelings towards this product or service.

And in the end, it seems as though you were in full control of the buying decision and not being forced to do something that you didn’t want to do.

This doesn’t happen in the opposite type of headline which is of course is the direct headline.

This type of headline can work but it’s a more forceful way of introducing your product or service to your customer.

When they see a direct headline, they immediately know that they’re being pitched a product or service and this brings up their buying defense.

Now making the sell becomes that much harder because your prospect knows that he’s being sold something.

And if he’s been pitched this offer before and didn’t like it…then it’s case closed…no deal.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the headline shall we.


I woke up this morning, grabbed a cup of coffee, and started my day writing a 2-page letter for a client.

3 hours later I was done.

My fee? $1,500.

I’m ambitious, so I’ll probably work on another client project. But I could just as easily take the rest of the day off.

That’s the benefit of the market I write for.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a control-beating “superstar” to make a great living.

Let me show you how …

Notice how you have no clue as to what’s being sold here…only that he has made a decent amount of money for just a few hours worth of work.

Eventually you find out what he’s selling…but not before he has gotten you emotionally involved.

Right from the start he’s pushing on your curiosity button.

How does he do it?

What does he do?

Can I do it as well?

Once you’re emotionally involved you have to read forward to answer the questions that your own mind has raised.

And get this…

You’ll keep reading on until you have answered the questioned posed by your own mind because your mind will always seek closure to questions posed to it that remain unanswered.

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