How to become a walking stimulus package

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You’re about to learn a simple business building lesson.

It’s a lesson about how you can stimulate an individuals personal economy.

Yeah, the world economy needs help right now.

But that help won’t come until an individuals personal economy is first turned around.

And here’s how you can help them do that and stimulate the world economy at the same time.

Ever practice loverage?

At some point in your life you probably did…but you just didn’t know it.

More than likely you don’t even know what the hybrid word means.

It’s actually combining the words love and leverage.

And no I didn’t create it….but someone who’s made far more money then me did.

His name is Mike Litman.

And it’s kind of funny.

I received an email from Mike way back in 2003 that talked about this word. (Yep, I save all my important emails. I’ve got over 40,000 emails archived.)

Loverage he said was the most powerful business building secret never told.

At that time there were no warnings about any future financial meltdowns.

But he still talked about how it was needed way back then.

And now it’s needed more then ever.

So here’s what I’ve done for you.

I went searching through my email archives and found the message where mike talks about loverage.

I’m including only part of it here in this post.

But you can take note that it’s the best part of the message.



***The Secret To Getting Rich Fast Has Nothing To
Do With Making Money!

Cashflow in your business is important. No one will doubt that.
Though if your only focus is on ‘cashflow, cashflow, cashflow’,
97.9% of the people reading this will have wealth appear as a
fast as watching a turtle get through rush hour traffic on
Madison Aveneue. SS–LLLOOW.

Ultra slow.

If you want to get rich fast, *stop* focusing on making money.

You see there’s a power I recently discovered in
the universe that activates the fast track to wealth.

There’s a power in the universe that holds the real key to
your financial freedom. For those who desire the fast track.

There’s a power the universe has shown me that
I’m totally in awe of.

There’s a word and a system you’re about to hear that will soon
vibrate from Maine to Malaysia and from Chicago to China.

If you desire more in your life now, you’ll activate
it immediately. Immediately.

You’re about to learn how to combine natures two most
powerful forces to accelerate all your desired goals
and grandest dreams. This is a new idea.

And you’re about to be introduced to a new word.

And that word is.

Loverage. ™

Loverage: using the powers of love and leverage to
help others help you

Let me repeat.

Loverage: using the powers of love and leverage to
help others help you.

There are many entrpreneurs living the principle of
loverage today.

Now, what you need is a system for tapping into this
powerful principle so you can do the same.

My friend, activating loverage in your life
will produce miracles.

Guaranteed. 100%

This 4 step system is SOLELY responsible for my book
Conversations with Millionaires, What Millionaires Do To
Get Rich, That You Never Learned About In School! going
to #1 on

In truth, ‘my book’ is a pure outcome of loverage.

4 Steps to Activating The Most Powerful
Business-Building Secret Never Told – Loverage.

1. Create New Relationships

You must ‘make contact’. You go first. Nothing can
happen until ‘contact’ is established.

Go first.

2. Go The Extra Mile For The Relationship

You can ask this question, “If there’s anything I can do to
help, please let me know.” Follow through when
help is asked for.

Offering help and following through on the request.

Doing this will earn the heart of others by giving your
heart to them.


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