Copywriting tips versus copywriting websites…who’ll win the battle?

Image by Ralph Zuranski via Flickr

Ok, so far I’ve given you quite a few copywriting tips.

In fact the other categories are looking pretty skinny compared to the tips category.

So today I thought I’d try to start swinging my posts into some of the other categories.

Now what if I told you that you could get copywriting salesletters written by A-level copywriters delivered to your inbox everyday for free…you probably wouldn’t believe me.

But you can.

And here’s how.

There’s a site called “The Douglas Report”

And everyday he sends you a new e-letter loaded with information.

But what really makes his e-letter stand out is the ads that are featured in them.

They’re written by some of todays top grossing copywriters.

And their ads can be yours to create your own swipe file with.

I’ve done this myself and I’ve got over 100 ads in my personal file just from this one e-letter.

I should also mention that these ads come usually at the top of the e-letter. When you click on the link you’re taken to the full ad.

I use the ads featured in his e-letters to study and get new ideas and approaches.

You can do the same as well.

Or maybe you’ll use them for something else…doesn’t really matter.

It’s a top notch resource to have.

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