Websites within the top 5 spots in search results receive the most traffic and the most sales. What do they know that you don’t know? Here’s a niffty way to find out

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Here’s a nifty little tool.

If you’re using S.E.O. as a way to generate traffic to your site then this tool can help you see the exact words your competition is currently using to beat you in the rankings.

You just type in the site’s name that you want to see the keywords for and you’ll receive a set of reports letting you know what exact words that people are typing in to find that site.

For a marketer this is pure gold.

You can easily identify your competitors strengths and weaknesses.

You competition is armed with tools of the trade to make sure they are in line to get the sale.

So why not arm yourself with those tools as well.

Oh, and one last thing.

There aren’t too many people who actually know about this tool yet, however in time I suspect that it will become very popular. So don’t wait too long before trying it out because once it gets in the hands of your competition you’ll be playing catch up all over again.

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