$5000 a week right from your kitchen table. You can even watch TV while you work

A newspaper headline trumpeting Frank's guilt.
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“Your kitchen table holds the key to you being able to create your own economic stimulus package.

While the banks continue to tug on uncle sams purse strings for handouts, you could be watching your favorite television show and laughing all the way to the bank. Writing your own checks to yourself for as much as $5000.

Now before you brush this off as being another hyped up ad, let me prove to you that what I’m saying is true….blah, blah, blah”

Did that headline and lead get your attention?

Of course it did.

And how would I know?

Because if you’re reading this part of the post then you could have only gotten here because the headline caught your attention and the lead pulled you in further.

That’s why I wrote in such a way that it would do just that.

This is a follow up and a quick example in relation to a previous post I wrote about creating promises.

I see that quite often.

Large outrageous promises made by a copywriter without enough proof to back the claim up to make it believable.

The lead that I started writing was heading towards giving you a few claims and eventually proof.

But I didn’t make it that far.

Didn’t feel I had to go down that long winding road in order to get my point across.

However, keep in mind how fast I started to get you to my proof.

Here’s a useful tip to keep in mind the next time you’re crafting your promise and claims.

The larger the promise or claim…then the more proof you will need to show the reader that this promise or claim is indeed real and how someone like them can obtain the benefits.

Telling someone that they can make $10,000 a week right from their kitchen table will need quite a bit more proof to show that it’s true then if you said that they could make $500 a week.

You’ll need to show the proof in several different ways along with answering any objections that they might have when they’re considering your promise.

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