Landing The Maximum Amount of High Paying Clients In The Least Amount Of Time

The Hierarchy of Customer Experience
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I want to take a few minutes and show you part of an email I received back in 2008.

If you’re wondering what’s in this message and why I would want to show you this, it’s because the email contained some really useful information on how you can land new clients.

Actually it’s seven steps.

But they’re not that hard to follow.


Here’s the message.


I’ve decided to spill the beans to everyone (since so many new copywriters seem to be interested in this subject) so I can finally stop the endless emails and, hopefully, share something useful.

Here’s what it is all about:

If you want the maximum number of (high-paying) clients in minimum time I have found… over the past few months… that going after specific niche markets is better than going after the mass market. For example, say you’re interested in the stock market. Then…

STEP #1: Start reading all the investing publications out there. Such as… The Wallstreet Journal… Barron’s… Investor’s Business Daily, etc.

Get a feel for what the vendors in this market want to sell and how they are selling their products and services currently. Especially, discover what problems they are having in selling their stock market investing products.

STEP #2: Once you get a fix on this market… then… put together a Free Report which details how you can help them:

a) sell more products and services
b) increase cash flow
c) solve their product-peddling problems

Naturally, the answers to a), b), and c) are tied in to your marketing and copywriting services.

STEP #3: Take your report (which should be a long-copy… 15-25 pages… compelling sales letter) and condense it into a hard-hitting 1/4-page ad. The ad, of course, offers the Free Report to entice those that are interested in boosting sales of their stock market products to respond. Not that I have to say it (but I’ll say it anyway) place your ad in one of the publications specific to the niche you’re going after.

STEP #4: Send the report to those who respond and make sure you have a cover letter with a “grabber” on top of it… like… a dollar bill. This WILL get attention and pull the reader into the rest of the report.

STEP#5: Call everyone you sent the report to and gently persuade them to give you a shot at proving yourself.

STEP #6: Put those that are not interested right now in a database to follow up with. And get their permission to keep in touch. Mail them for a minimum of six months and call them every other month. Why so many follow ups? It’s simple: According to statisics, 85% of all sales are made AFTER the 5th contact. That should tell you something.

STEP#7: Keep following the same protocal in different niche markets and you will get clients.

How well does this MO work? Well, I recently landed a client who I originally generated (using the exact system above) back in August of 2008. By the end of our deal, I’ll make about $3,000 – $4,000. Also, in the past three weeks I generated 4 new clients this way which will gross me somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000 in the next 90 days.

Not a bad neighborhood if you ask me.

The keys to this process are to:

* know your market inside and out
* give them what they want in your lead generation ad
* reel them in with an offer for a free report
* and follow up like crazy without becoming obnoxious

Try it out an see how it works for you.

Good Luck,


Seven steps…and you can be on your way to doubling the number of new clients for your business.

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