The Four must have skills you’ll need to become a master direct response marketer? (part 2)

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Now if you read part one of this series on how to become a master direct response marketer, then you already know that Michael Masterson has laid the groundwork for what it takes to achieve success s a direct response marketer.

However, you still need to know how to stir up your readers emotions in order to get them to purchase your product or service.

In todays post you’ll get 4 ways to do just that.

Here they are:


Why People Buy Things – A Marketer’s Perspective

Let me put it as a fact: We buy most things not because we need them but because we want them.

Sure you buy food because you need to eat. But if you buy anything other than generic foodstuffs, you are paying extra money to satisfy your wants.

Housing? Yes, you need shelter. But you don’t need that Mediterranean duplex you’ve had your eye on.

Clothing? Loin cloths went out years ago.

Rule: The secret to selling is to create in your prospect a desire to buy that is so strong that it feels like a need.

Here’s how:

1. To make a sale, you need to make a PROMISE. And that promise has to relate to something your prospect WANTS.

If you owned a butcher shop, it wouldn’t do much good to put a sign on your window that said, “Dead Cow Meat for Sale.” If you were even dimly aware of the psychology of selling, you’d probably do something more like, “Prime USDA Choice Steak Now On Sale.”

You’ve got to make a promise. And the promise should be big enough and strong enough to attract a lukewarm prospect. Remember, success happens at the margins. It is easy to sell those who are predisposed to buy what you’re selling. It is impossible to sell those who are steadfast against it. The difference between mediocrity and success lies in between – in selling those who are neither pre-sold nor dead set against the people in the margin.

2. To make your promise vivid, transform it into a PICTURE.

If, for example, you were selling chocolate cake, you might want to show your prospect a picture of the cake itself, with a slice overturned and a nice tall glass of milk or cup of coffee on the side. If you were selling something more complicated than cake (such as membership in a music club), you would need to create a subtler, more sophisticated picture (one in which the prospect sees himself enjoying and benefiting from the music).

3. To advance your selling effort, you need to make certain PROPOSITIONS or claims.

If cake were the product, you might claim that it is light and sweet or thick and creamy.

4. You would then need to support such claims with PROOF.

Perhaps your cake is made with only natural ingredients, it won the Betty Crocker award for delectability, etc.

People Buy Things for Emotional Reasons.

To Sell Things, You Need To Stimulate Those Emotions.

To stimulate your prospect’s feelings, present not the FEATURES of the product/service, but its BENEFITS. Tell your prospect how the product/service will help him. Show him how that will happen.

For example, the features of a particular sports car might include power steering, an oversized engine and an advanced breaking system. The benefits would be the ability to take a tight corner, to hit sixty-miles-an-hour in five seconds and to stop on a dime.

By focusing on what’s in it for the prospective driver and not what’s in the car itself. You can evoke the deeper feelings (I want to be seen as powerful, sexy, etc.) needed to make the sale.

As I said in the beginning, this is a very brief introduction to a very important area of knowledge. No matter what you do in life, you will need the skills to sell. Direct marketing skills are some of the best.


I would suggest that you print out this two part series and refer to it on a regular basis.

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