You just might be guilty of hurting your own sales

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Are you guilty of making this mistake in your copy?

Before I tell you what this mistake is, let me give you a quick example of the mistake in action.

This is a snippet taken from a website that was trying to sell me on purchasing their book on nlp tactics.

“Most salespeople are happy if they close at a 20 to 40% rate. Most copywriters are thrilled if their copy converts 1% of the lookers into buyers. Even at these numbers, money can be made.

But what if your sales closed at an 80-90% rate? Or your copy converted 17% or more? You know what that would do for your bottom line?”

Did you catch the mistake?

If you didn’t then let me point it out to you.

The mistake is using percentages in your copy instead of examples.


What does 20 -40% look like?

What does 1% look like?

What does 80% – 90% look like?

People can understand your point better when you use examples.

“8 out of every 10 people who called into the request line purchased at least 90 dollars worth of dvd’s”

That’s a lot better than saying…

“80% of people who called in purchased dvd’s”

So the next time you’re writing your advertisement and you go to hit the percentage button…think for a moment and ask yourself how could you show the same point in the form of an example.

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