The Four must have skills you’ll need to become a master direct response marketer?

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Here’s a message that I received a couple of years ago from master copywriter Michael Masterson.

It came in one of his newsletters called early to rise.

In the message he discusses the 4 skills that he deems necessary to become a master direct marketer.

I see these skills as still being necessary today if you want to achieve success as a direct response marketer.

I’m going to share just what those 4 skills are in a two part series on the introduction to direct response writing.

Here is part one.



Direct response marketing means that you attempt to persuade your prospect to respond directly in some specific way to your sales effort.

Typically, direct response marketing includes direct mail, direct advertising, free standing inserts, direct radio, direct television, and so on. Direct response marketing differs dramatically from conventional advertising in that conventional advertising is primarily concerned with promoting awareness of and interest in a product or service. It does not attempt to stimulate a direct response.

It takes a lot of talent to get someone to respond directly to your sales proposition. Since you don’t have the advantage of personal contact, you must employ a battery of psychological techniques to substitute for the intimacy and personal power you could create in a one-on-one selling situation.

These psychological principles are the foundation of all selling, but they are easiest to understand (and most necessary to employ) when you are separated from your prospect by a television, radio or the US Postal Service. And that’s why I favor direct response marketing. If you master that, you have the basis for mastering all other forms of selling.

The Skills You Need To Be A Master Direct Marketer

1. A good understanding of why and how people buy things.

2. The ability to make a big, tempting promise.

3. The skill to show that promise as a picture, to advance it with propositions and to support those propositions with proof.

4. The ability to distinguish between features and benefits.

We are going to go through each of these quickly. Don’t worry if you don’t quite get them all. We will come back to them in the future again and again.


In part two of this series, Michael actually goes further into detail about the 4 skills necessary to become a master direct response marketer.

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