What’s the big idea behind this blog anyway?

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I want to take a little time to talk about the idea behind theprofitablecopywriter blog.

The idea behind this blog was simple.

It was to be a running journal of what it took to become a profitable copywriter.

Now I know that everyone’s definition of profitable isn’t the same.

For instance my idea of being profitable as a copywriter lies around the six figure range.

Your idea of becoming profitable might lie around the five figure range.

The important thing though is this.

It doesn’t matter whether your number and my number are the same…what matters is that you become a profitable copywriter. Whatever that number might be for you is totally up to you.

This blog is my journey for lack of a better word…into the world of copywriting.

I’ve written ads that did pretty well, bringing me a nice four figure fee for myself.

However, I wanted more.

So I took courses on writing, attended seminars, read books and studied until I would fall asleep with light still on and the book open in my lap.

And now I’m putting that newly acquired knowledge to work.

I will have a website up soon. and I’ll also be creating a few info products as well.

So my final thought is this.

Instead of just reading the posts on here, why not come along with me on the journey as well.

There will be some ups and downs for sure.

However, in the process of becoming a master copywriter there will be a lot of fun as well.

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