Upgrades and a few new changes….

Mac Mini Memory Upgrade
Image by davipt via Flickr

You might have noticed that theprofitablecopywriter has undergone a few new changes.

A new template theme-

I thought the idea behind the blog template was starting to out grow the basic look and feel of the old template.

The idea that I wanted to come across as you’re reading the blog wasn’t getting done with the old template. So, I upgraded it.

The new template has a more open feel to it I think.

Although I’m not really loving the header.

I just might create a new header this weekend. We’ll see.

Richer content –

I love writing about copywriting but the fact of the matter is….I’m looking to increase traffic to this blog.

So I decided to make it more inviting.

-Pictures in the posts.
-More tags
-Increase the number of links

That kind of stuff.

I’ll see how this works out in terms of more traffic.

Guest Articles –

I decided to bring you more articles from some of the sources that I frequent on a daily basis.

There are some really good articles about copywriting written by authors you might have never heard of before, but who’s work I’m familiar with and because of that I’ll post their articles.

You know the deal with this one.

For doing so, I’ll have to ad a link to the article for them letting me post it here for you…

They’re looking for the same thing I am as well.


So it’s a small price to pay for solid content written not by outsiders but by actual copywriters who are earning their keep putting pen to pad.

This is just a few of the changes I had in mind for now…as time goes on I’ll make more changes as needed.

But until then, enjoy the new look and feel.

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