The simple cure for bad bullet writing

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Recently I’ve found myself focusing in on giving you information about bullet points.

And there’s a simple reason for that.

It’s because bullet writing is a critical part of copywriting that you will need to learn how to master.

Just how important is being able to craft bullet points that sell to writing copy?

In some cases, a product or service can be sold just off of the bullet points alone.

One of the masters of using bullet points to sell their products is

Here, take a look at some of the bullet points they used to sell a product called “The Big Black Book

“Over 2 million of America’s most successful people swear by THE BIG BLACK BOOK—the underground encyclopedia that tells you how to…

Drive a Mercedes for the price of a Ford… Page 166

How to drop your cholesterol 36 points with NO drugs… Page 85

How to sell your house and collect up to a $500,000 profit, tax-free… Page 439

Buy a diamond ring for thousands less… Page 308

Increase sexual desire naturally… Page 44

Cure male baldness… Page 128

Get paid to take a monthlong vacation… Page 207

Cancer-causing chemicals the government allows in your tap water. Bottled water affected, too… Page 74

How to get life insurance even if you can’t pass a physical… Page 394

How 3 out of 4 doctors fail to tell patients about the dangerous side effects of drugs they prescribe… Page 91

Plus… inside secrets of the lottery… real estate brokerscredit card companies… bill collectors… and much, much more.”

Those bullet points are very impressive don’t you think?

Want more?

In a future post I’ll show you an easy way to get hundreds of these eye catching bullets to put in your swipe file.

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