Please don’t read this blog post

I just finished reading a blog post from Robert Plank where he talks about the use of negative words in copywriting.

Now just in case you’re not familiar with negative words (which you should be) I’ll put up a few as an example.

Negative words are:


You get the point.


Scientists have told us that the human brain cannot process negative words such as the one’s mentioned above.

That means when you tell someone not to do something, their mind will only process the information that comes after the negative word.

So as you continue to read the rest of this post don’t click on the link on the right side of this blog to see some of the other products that I’ve recommended.


In reading that last sentence you cannot -not think about what I had just written.

In order to fully process what you were seeing you actually had to go ahead and think about what I was telling you not to think about in the first place.

Kind of cool when you think about it.

You could easily slip in a command phrase after your negative word to slip right past your prospects defenses and they would never even know about it.

However, don’t try this on everyone.

Gotcha again.


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