Self defeating thoughts that lower your chances for writing good copy that gets results

Part of what makes a person a good copywriter is their ability to come up with big ideas for the products or services that they are writing copy for.

Their line of thinking can literally make or break their ads.

If a copywriter thinks that he can’t come up with a new and interesting idea, then chances are that he probably won’t.

Developing the correct thinking process when it comes to writing copy can take any where from just a few months to learn or it could take years.

However, you can shatter the amount of time it takes to making it to copywriting genius status if you’ll keep this in mind.

Becoming a copywriting genius who comes up with fresh ideas for products isn’t about knowing “WHAT” to think about your products or services you’re writing for, instead it’s about knowing “HOW” to think about them.

There’s a big difference between the two.


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