Write stronger sales generating copy faster without spending a lifetime of studying to learn how to do it

Well, I guess it was bound to happen.

I’m writing a post about copywriting books.

More specifically which ones are the best.

Now, let me say this before I write out my personal list.

I truly don’t believe that there is one book that is to be the best of all the books ever written on the subject of copywriting.

I do believe that you can learn something from every book that’s written on this subject.

Let me also state that there are certain books that I do refer to more often than others, but that’s just me.

Another copywriter could have the same set of books in his collection and not refer to the same one that I do as often.

Which books work best for you truly comes down to personal preference.

Enough with the chit chat…

Here’s my list of books that I have in my collection right now:

1.How to write a good advertisement by Victor Schwab

2. Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples

3. Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

4. My Life In Advertising by Claude Hopkins

5. How To Make Your Advertising Make Money by John Caples

I’ll stop there.

This isn’t my entire collection, it’s a sample.

I didn’t want to create some long run-on post about books.

This way you can read the titles, see if you have them and if you don’t – you can check them really quick.

I’ll put more of the books I have in future posts.


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