Want to double your ability to write ad copy that sells? Then write for 33 minutes – Not 15

The day that I made the decision to write advertisements for different products I could find lying around my home was the day that my copywriting skills started to grow.

I can’t fully explain how it works, but the more copywriting you do on a daily basis, the better your mind starts to get at creating cash getting ads.

The better your writing becomes.

And the better you get at looking at ads and breaking them down to see which parts are working and which parts aren’t.

My advice for you if you’re struggling with writing copy that works is to simply start writing.

Everyday, like clock work.

Schedule it into your day.

I follow the Eugene Schwartz Rule for writing.

33 minutes.

No more than that at any one time.

I do this multiple times a day.

You wont believe how much better and how much faster your copywriting skills will become.


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