Is this the worlds longest novel?

Have you ever wished that you could write a novel, or some sort of story that would have people glued to every page filled with anticipation?

I have.

However, I could never find myself able to sit down long enough to go through the writing portion of the book.

Ideas, yeah..I can produce them like an assembly line worker produces cars.

And yet, I haven’t been able to come anywhere close to producing any type of book or story for that matter that would be worthy of reading by myself.

It’s a pretty tough thing to do.

Although, it might have just gotten a little easier.

There is an interesting project going on that will let you add your creative ideas to an ongoing storyline that’s being written.

It’s a fantastic idea.

You simply drop off a few ideas and then you watch as the magic begins.

The writer takes what you have written and then begins to weave in your thoughts and ideas into the heart of the storyline.

Family tragedy, health problems, success…you name it…it will appear within the storyline.

And that’s it.

-You’re instantly free from writers block…

-You’re instantly free from staring at a blank computer screen…

-You’re instantly free from staring at a blank piece of paper…

And just like that you’ve contributed to a storyline that could be turned into a nice work of art.

The sky is the limit.

Here is how you can take part in in what could possibly be the worlds longest novel.


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