For lazy people only! How to say goodbye to boring bullet points

Writing bullet points for your copy is pretty easy right?

Basically you’re taking your products benefits and writing them in such a way that you tease the reader into desiring what you have to offer.

Easy as pie.

Not really.

In the real world…writing bullet points isn’t that easy.

Sure, you can have all the facts right in front of you that will tell you what the features of your product are.

You can even work your copywriting magic and add power words to all of your products most appealing features so you can later turn them into powerful benefits.

However, in order to create those powerful benefits, you need to know exactly what kinds of benefits are most likely to work best.

Understand this….

Every benefit that you create won’t be a perfect fit for your market.

Some will work fine – and some won’t.

But there are a few things you can do to come pretty close to matching up with your market on a regular basis..

I want to share with you the three types of benefits that will grab your prospects attention. You can use them to zero in on your markets desires.

I’ll put them into my next post.


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