At Last! Readers Digest Secret Article Writing Method Is Exposed (Part 2)

Ok, so in my last post I talked about the writing style of readers digest and how they use a three step writing method for getting you to read their articles all the way through.

I left you with:

1. Problem
2. Benefit
3. Solution.

Today I want to give you a little more information on how you can use these same methods for crafting must read content.

A. Problem
When it comes to using the problem at the start of your content creation, the idea is that you want to identify a problem your reader may have or isn’t yet aware of.

B. Benefit
The benefit will next offer your reader a payoff for reading the rest of the article.

C. Solution
Your solution should finally offer some practical advice on how to solve the problem mentioned earlier.

Tip: The first two, problem/benefit should be addressed in the lead, or in other words within the first 1-3 sentences. By doing that you cut to the chase and immediately hook your reader.

After you’ve introduced the problem/benefit in your lead…the only thing left for you to do is to shift your focus to offering a solution to your readers.


2 Responses

  1. Well, there it is, in a single blog post: you have just summed up Copywriting 101! Mastering these few steps is key to creating effective copy.


  2. […] you combine these three different types of bullets with the P.B.S. method used by readers digest, then you will have a strong argument to present to your […]

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