At Last! Readers Digest Secret Article Writing Method Is Exposed

reader's digest presents
Image by Fatty Tuna via Flickr

You’ve heard of reader’s digest haven’t you?

You know, they’re the magazine that grabs your attention while you’re standing in the checkout isle of your local grocery store with headlines like:

“25 great places to visit for free”

“41 things doctors never tell you”

“DO protein powders belong in your kitchen”

Well, here’s what’s interesting about the readers digest magazine.

Their articles tend to follow a simple formula for getting you to read them all the way through.

From start to finish.

You’re almost glued to their articles waiting for the big payoff, or the big aha moment.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew what their formula for stickiness was?

I will share with you exactly what they use to create eyeglue in their articles.

You ready?

It’s simply:


I know, I know…you want me to give your more information about how they use it.

And I will do just that.

In my next post.

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