The No – Talent Way Of Becoming A Successful Copywriter (Part 2)

Besides studying successful copywriting as a way of becoming a successful copywriter, there is another useful way to power up your writing skills.

Here’s what I would recommend.

Learn to be Disciplined And Efficient.

Now when I say that you should become more disciplined and efficient I don’t mean that you should work longer and harder.

Instead you should become smarter about the work that you have to do.

For example.

Eugene Schwartz was a Master copywriter.

One of the things that made Gene so great was his ability to use his time efficiently.

His favorite method for getting the most he could out of the time he had was by using a simple egg timer.

He would set the timer for 33 minutes.

Then he would start writing. Uninterrupted until the timer goes off. Then he’d stop.

He would then grab a cup of coffee or tea and for the next 5 – 10 minutes he wouldn’t do any kind of writing whatsoever.

After the 10 minutes had past…he repeat the writing exercise over again.

Doing this several times gave him the ability to polish his writing skillsto near perfection.

I’ve since taken on using a timer for all of my work.

Although I don’t use an egg timer, instead I use my iphone.

And it has worked wonders for improving my efficiency.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.


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