The No-Talent Way Of Becoming A Successful Copywriter

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful copywriter?

If you have then here’s a quick tip.

One of the most effective ways that I know of to put you on the path to becoming a successful copywriter is to  study other successful copywriters.

I know, real earth shattering stuff here right?

However, don’t underestimate the power  of studying the masters of the craft.

Here’s what I do to power up my copywriting skills.

1. Find a piece of copy that has been proven to be a winner.

2. Go through the copy with a pen and highlighter.

3. Mark every paragraph with what the copywriter was doing.

4. Go through the entire promo this way. Look carefully at the headline and lead -then make comments where it’s needed.

5. Now you have a skeleton of a successful promotion.

You can take this skeleton and apply it to a copywriting assignment that you might have.

Or you can use it as a practice tool.

Use the skeleton to write up salescopy for products around your home.


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