Part 2 of The Problem Solution Lead Formulas

Here’s part two of problem solution lead creation series.

1. Identify The Customers Before The Problem


For any copywriter who’s ever struggled with writers block…Here’s a simple system this million dollar a year, top gun, A-List copywriter uses to cheat his way to multi-million-dollar control killers.

2. The P.A.S. Formula (Problem Agitate Solution)

This lead is a little more trickier to perform correctly than the previous leads I gave you, but it should still be a part of your arsenal.

Do you have too much to read? In this age of information overload lead you’re not alone. Yet, not keeping up with the latest books and white papers could be serious and expensive mistake – often the ideas these books contain are available no where else. One idea can create a million-dollar-breakthrough. But how can you know which are worth reading–let alone find the time to read and analyze all of them?Fortunately, there’s a solution. It’s called Executive Summary. Here’s how it works…

3. The P.C.A.S. Formula (Problem Cause Amplify Solution)

Now we’re getting into the big leagues. You’ll need to get some experience under your belt to make this lead work for you. However, this lead will work like a charm for you when you’re ready to use it.

If you suffer from a single one of these torturous symptoms of weeks eyes…bad eyes… failing eyes… Then these facts below may be the most important you have ever read in your life!

Because they reveal, for perhaps the first time in your life, how the muscles surrounding your eyes may have tricked you into following the agonizing symptoms: near sightedness…far-sightedness…a astigmatism…the inability to read without glasses…crossed eyes…

Easily fatigued eyes, and the headaches, tension, anxiety, insomnia, and bone weariness they so often cause…

And any other condition of the eye that causes you to be prisoner of glasses, where you are forced to watch your eyes weaken year after year, and go back to the doctor, year after year, for new glasses that are always thicker and thicker, stronger and stronger, uglier and uglier than the year before!

And everyone of these symptoms may actually be controlled…and then diminished…and then eliminated often by as little as this one simple insight into their hidden cause!

And that insight is this: If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, then you must understand at once that your eyes are not ill…they have not deteriorated…they have not lost their true power to see in any way!

What has happened to them instead is simply this: What has gone wrong with your eyes isn’t their lenses themselves, but the muscles surrounding them, that focus those eyes by lengthening or flattening them!

If these muscles are used properly, then your eyes are focused and corrected…

4. The Hero’s Quest

This is a form of story copy. You can use some of the previous lead formulas within your here’s quest story as a way to give your lead twice the pulling power.


I like everything about running – except when my feet sweat. It really bothers me. I’m embarrassed to take shoes off – my feet are sloshing around while I’m running — the smell.

I’ve tried different shoes, I’ve tried powders, I’ve tried vitamins. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on possible solutions but nothing ever made a bit of difference.

So I decided to solve the problem myself. Over the course of 3 years I conducted 500 different test and experiments. I spent thousands of hours researching, talking with doctors, with shoe designers, with research centers. All told I spend over $1 million dollars and had my home equity line maxed.

Finally, on my 501 experiment, I discovered a secret that ended my sweating, sloshing feet forever… I put “windows” in the socks… Here’s how this amazing invention will end your sweat and embarrassment forever…

There you have it.

8 different structures to use to make your leads twice as powerful than before.


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