Don’t write another problem solution lead until you’ve read this…

Here is part one of the two part series on how to use problem solution leads in your copywriting.

1. Simply State The Problem

If there is one template that I use more than any other template it would be this one.

For example.

Overweight? New doctor lead discovery deep within the amazon jungle may free you from unwanted pounds effortlessly.

Not every product or service will be able to use this type of lead.

It works best if your product or service clearly solves a problem your market has.

2. Add Emotion To The Problem Statemement


Depressed about your back taxes? You’re just days away from relief when you discover the secrets this former irs agent reveals that can set you free – for a small fraction of what you owe….

Frustrated by your gout? Now there’s a simple secret that will have you pain free in as little as 24 hours….

3. The Problem Flurry

If one problem is good, then 3 or more is better. The idea here is that you would lead off with a flurry of problems and symptoms. This lead works best when you are aiming at a less targeted market.


Are you becoming concerned with your teenager? Defiance …. Isolation… Temper-tantrums … Mood swings… They are all clues… Something is wrong and now you have to admit it. You’re loosing your child to problems you are not able to deal with. The fact is your teenager may need more help than you able to give. Well, there’s hope. I say that because for 30 my practice has specialized in the unique challenges of teenagers…

4. The Conditional Lead


Are you tired of repainting every couple years? Then you’ll love how our new ACME Plasti-Coat system can guarantee against fading, peeling or chipping for 30 years – the life of your mortgage. Here’s how this miracle of science works to keep your home looking beautiful year after year….


If you are struggling with arthritis pain then this may be one of the most important letters you read in your life. Here’s why…

In part two of this series, I’ll give you 4 more problem solving leads that you can using in your copywriting.


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