Social proof – a copywriters secret weapon

Here’s a blog/website that I just recently came across.

It doesn’t focusing on copywriting….but it still contains a few gems about getting testimonials that can help you with creating results getting copy.

I was visiting Michael Fortin’s website when I saw a review for speed copy secrets. (fastfoodcopywriting is Roberts name for the product. Speed copy secrets is Michaels redirect. You know how it works online so don’t complain. I’m not an affiliate by the way)

Michaels review was that he recommended the product.

For example…If you had a product you were selling and you needed to write a salesletter really fast…then this product could help you do that.

I haven’t purchased the product I can’t say just how good it is.

Although, I am a copywritng junkie…so I just my check it out sometime this week.

If I do..I’ll let you know what I find.


I had never heard of Robert so I decided to check out his website/blog

Here’s what I found.

Robert does have some really useful content.

Since I design websites as well I found his entire site helpful.

But, for you…from a copwriting aspect.

Here’s what I thought would be of use to you.

He has a post about testimonials and how you can get them.

I think you should check it out.

Let me know what you think.


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