One copywriting site that deserves a visit from you as soon as possible

First up….

A quick post for a copywriting website that if you don’t currently have listed in your blog roll then you should.

First, before I give you the name… I must admit something.

I didn’t come across this website until a little over two years ago.

Not because I wasn’t looking for new copywriters to learn from….

Because I certainly was…

But because my mind was being filled to brim with copywriting knowledge…and I just couldn’t add anything else at that time. With piles and piles of books standing a full foot off of my desk…my goal became to simply absorb and learn what I was being taught.

The turning point

While online, I received an email that had an mp3 and a transcript of an interview with a person whom was being referred to as a copywriting legend.

I read the transcript of the interview ..I don’t remember who the interviewer was that was doing  the interview…

But I was impressed.

I had to find out more about Gary B.

So off to the old trusty search engine I went.

A search on google turned up a website.

Now, I’m really excited.

I can learn more about copywriting from a master copywriter who’s been where I want to go.

How cool is that?

Fast forward two years.

And it’s been a pleasure reading his bullets ever since.

Who is Gary B you ask?

It’s short for Gary Bencivenga.

His marketing bullets should be laminated and placed in every aspiring copywriters swipefile.


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